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For Kids Who Can't Afford Heroin

Please Leave Your Sanity At The Door

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READ THIS FIRST!!!! Updated 9/3/06

The Anime Oath:
We, the people of the Anime Nation, do so solemly swear to try our damndest to work Anime and Anime symbolism into every aspect of our daily lives!

This is the livejournal for club members of the Overhills High Japanese Culture Club. Every month there will be an episode of a different anime shown and in-between that there will be posts of anime music videos, manga suggestions and reviews, Japanese music video, club updates, adult swim updates, bits about Japanese culture, Japanese holiday posts, and whatever else the president and two officers see fit to post – here on out referred to as the mods

Club members: if you have a livejournal feel free to friend this one. If you do not, you are encouraged to get one. Livejournal can be accessed from the school computers and nothing posted on here is going to get you in trouble. If you get one and need help see the mods, if you don’t get one when you leave a comment please leave your name or an anime/Japanese name you’ve given the mods.

Non-Club Members Attending Our School: Like what you see in this journal? Not busy Thursdays after school? Join.

People Not Attending Our School: Feel free to friend the journal – please leave a comment in the first post and play nice.